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Jason Theme install error   News Grid - WP Magazine Theme   Updated 1 hour ago   2 Most recent comment from Justin Young:Hi Jason, Usually this type of error refers to the incorrect theme folder being installed.  Double check that you're only uploading the theme files, rather than the folder with all the other stuff, l ... Rodrigo Click on parent link not closing submenu   Jaz - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme   Updated 4 days ago   7 Most recent comment from Rodrigo:Last solution had unexpected results, but this seems to have solved all: Just adding this rules: li.menu-item.menu-item-type-custom.menu-item-object-custom.menu-item-has-children.hover ul.sub-menu{he ... Rigó István Update problem   360 - Panoramic WordPress Theme   Updated 1 week ago   1 Most recent comment from Rigó István:Hi! I bought earlier your Panoramic theme. Unfortunatelly I've got an error message when I try to update it (I use the 10.0.04 version now): "While Panoramic update error occurred: The package can n ... crohrc mobile responsibility   Miniml Press   Updated 2 weeks ago   1 Most recent comment from crohrc:Hi,  I really dont have a ticket but question. I asked on envato comment section but you didnt answer. I was wondering about mobile resposibility, is there going to be update for theme ?  All best, ... Rodrigo Font Awesome icons not appearing   Jaz - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme   Updated 2 weeks ago   4 Most recent comment from Rodrigo:I've added font-awesome CSS cdn into header and now is working